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Helping busy Melbourne professionals achieve physical freedom to perform at their best in their careers, business and life.

Sweat Nation is not just a studio but a Fitness & Life Style Hub.

We work with busy Melbourne professionals to improve their physical wellbeing through exercise, diet & lifestyle changes, giving them the physical freedom to perform at their best in their careers, business and in life.

We have forged some of the best science-backed Training and Nutrition methods from across the world to bring you a training system that delivers world class Personal Training, Online Training and Small Group Training.

From weight loss, improving your biomarkers such as blood pressure, to improving your strength, fitness & overall wellbeing, we are here to help.

Coaching Options.



No matter what your level of experience is, we have you covered.  

Our Hybrid Personal Training service combines both face to face and our online training app to deliver you personalized programs & coaching  for your goals.  

Based on sound scientific research, our programs are structured to get you progressively stronger, leaner and skilled in the gym and in training.  



Our Semi Private Training program is a well rounded  program for those that are looking to get stronger, leaner and fitter in a small group setting. 

Combining Weights, Metabolic condition & HIIT, this program continues to deliver fantastic results for our members. 

With only 4 people per session, our focus is to coach you and not just to give you a sweat session. 


Online Training Programs

Coming Soon!

Our results driven formula

We have forged the finest science backed strength training and body transformation methods from across the globe to bring you the most effective training money can buy. FMA, Muscle Nerds, TFW, FTI, Australian Strength Coach, Layne Nortan, Precision Nutrition are some of the world class methodologies we utilize in our training & coaching.


More that just a studio, our hub is:


Full of Good vibes, high fives & big smiles!


A place to escape
the daily grind.


A place that support, encourage & empower.

Life changing transformations.

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